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We provide Solutions (With Enterprise Scale in Mind) using Angular, GCP, AWS

0. We provide an audit for an Angular projects of any complexity: security risks, improvements, memory leaks, scalability. We make the system self-explanatory. Be aware that a cheap team, in most cases will provide a system, which must be re-written.

1. We solve the appointment/scheduling problem using various well known calendars, such as the most famous,

2. We solve the problem of high-quality processing, display, and transformation of large amounts of data, using the most popular table: and big data strategy in Angular.

3. We solve the problem of integration with payment systems: PayPal, Stripe, and other services: Braintree, iPay, Fondy, etc.

4. Using NGRX (Redux) by default

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Auxiliary services

- Angular Projects of Any Complexity
- Migration to Angular from almost any technologies
- Negotiation
- Business Account Management
- Strategic Planning
- Brainstorming/Generating new features for your business

Back end

Serverless: Firebase, Google Cloud Platform.

We are higly specialized on NestJS, and Python.

Front End

We can create almost everything with the help of Angular

Mobile Development

Ionic, React Native

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Aimtraction competency with the angular stack is the industry standard that hiring managers need to experience to know truly what to look for in high-value frontend engineers. You want them on your best and most visible concepts, because they bring a major reliability in outcome to the table, and their level of skill makes them adaptable to the most stringent requirements needed to build the best web applications on the market

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