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We Are Beyond

Typical approaches like master/slave, when CTO which has no clue in Angular are trying to teach us Angular. We take ownership of Angular front-end development in client’s projects.

Angular Ui libraries and components, because We have worked with  the most used nowadays.
We have created our own.

We were the main  contributed to Reactive Angular Enterprise UI Library which is used in  US Federal Reserve System..

Develop Lovers

 There are a variety of products and apps, but your project will have unique pheromones.

We choose a trade-off between uniqueness and attraction. 

With Aimtraction you will gain your satisfaction.

We are unstoppable

Once even the client’s CTO was fired, due to our request. He was producing more problems than solutions, especially on the front-end part. 

You can think we are rude, but we respect our time, we think about your customers.  if you respect your time too, let’s create something amazing together.


We Love To Explore​

That’s why, each project has it’s own unique custom design. A lot of designer are masters, but not in web design. That is why we excel in custom web design.

Just few words from our clients:
I enjoyed working with Alexander. He suggests so many ideas to improve my work. So think before you will hire designer, because Alexander does know “usability first” tricks. He is always available and open to questions.’

We Take It Step-By-Step

Better take small  steps at the beginning. You know, like loved couple, only after that to have an insane sex. In other words for the clients better to have predicted outcome, then a chaos. We are good at both, but chaos will cost you a fortune. 

We Keep It Simple

Each parts involved in the process will get their reports.
We have worked with insane approaches, where our developer ask Alexander to told the client what we think about the client’s approach.
But we managed to survive, now we keep it simple, and require simplicity from the client.

Don’t be afraid we will show you how to make it simple.
 As one Hero of Ukrainian The Russian-Ukrainian War (2014-..). said:  “if you criticize, you must propose the solution. if you propose the solution, make it happen”.

Just to simplify, you don’t have extra money to keep it so complex.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

If you are passionate about your project, we will treat you as our family member.

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The Faces Behind our Success

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Mockup to Angular magician


Angular Guru, Ag-grid expert.


Angular Lady


Backend Developer, SEO Specialist

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Aimtraction competency with the angular stack is the industry standard that hiring managers need to experience to know truly what to look for in high-value frontend engineers. You want them on your best and most visible concepts, because they bring a major reliability in outcome to the table, and their level of skill makes them adaptable to the most stringent requirements needed to build the best web applications on the market

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