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“It’s hard to believe that this kind of cooperation went through the most important stages of establishing both companies. We are working together more than 5 years.

Aim: Create revolutionary new ERP for car dealerships, + hardware solution if it will be needed.


Try: Make ERP more flexible and customizable and provide solutions for cutting expenses. If there is no hardware for car dealership requirements, create the hardware.




  1. Create MVP with scaling in mind that comprises all fields required to be covered in small/mid dealership.
  2. Help to bind all systems together with the help of a backend, written in Java.
  3. Provide code review
  4. Update/upgrade versions
  5. Support and maintain the system…”


Aimtraction’s Result with ShyftAuto: MPV became fully functional ERP even with hardware which was incorporated by ShyftAuto in a new company called Baylay. Fully functional ERP system for car dealerships, including booking drivers, cars, car repair appointment system, internal chat + mobile app to cover all major functionality especially for shifting cars. Aimtraction contribution mainly was in the software development part both backend and front-end.

shyft auto
Shyft Auto gives consumers and automotive service facilities an easy way to transact for pickup and delivery vehicle service

ShyftAuto had an idea and was inspired
AImtraction: founder Lex Romaniak had a dream of giving people in a small town the opportunity to earn a decent living, see and take an active part in the process of their children’s growing up.


The period is characterized by inspiration, sometimes overworking, but with great faith in success.


InfancyShyftAuto: everyone was involved in development and parallel client search, Aimtraction: was the main developer in ShyftAuto under the professional management of Matthew (ShyftAuto CTO).


The period is characterized by dynamic and sometimes chaotic management, improving ideas on the go, as well as parallel development of several sub-projects with ShyftAuto ERP.


Go-goShyftAuto: rapid finding of Board, partners and clients;
Aimtraction: provides additional developers for all parts of ERP, new clients and new developers, rapid growth.


The period is characterized by the creation of a knowledge base, as well as a clear understanding of where to move.


AdolescenceShiftAuto: change partners and board members, make wiser decisions. Their total evaluation is around 80$ mln. Gain clients all over the USA, create plans for the nearest future.


Aimtraction: Established processes, hired top management, fired toxic persons, and created strategic plans for the next 5, 10, 15, 50 years. Incorporated one way of understanding the whole processes in the company, using: RACI matrices, WBSes, BPMN, and other tricks. Proposed to their clients to use more than 20 services for free during cooperation.


The period is characterized by changing processes, interaction, establishing the company’s culture, dismissing people who do not share the established rules and culture. Implementation of administration at different levels.


Prime: ShiftAuto: Any interaction is well defined:


  • communication: online, offline
  • invoices
  • contract
  • hiring
  • hardware supply
  • partnership
  • board decisions


Aimtraction: Any interaction is well defined:


  • communication:
    • clients: almost any service or platform which clients prefer including teams, skype, slack, discord, telegram.
    • company: discord;
  • invoices: deskera ERP
  • contract deskera ERP
  • hiring QPage
  • partnership: ITAGpartners
  • pdp: Internal approach based on LMS, company manual, and processes And a lot more.


Aimtraction simplifies cooperation with startups: Proposes more than 20 services to their clients for free during cooperation like: Screen recording, video/audio transcription, licenses management, well-known project management service, LMS for creating internal training or sharing knowledge, booking service, and a lot more…


The period is characterized by orientation to the values and main services of both companies. Smart and quick decisions, as well as a clear vision of what to do at each stage.

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 ShyftAuto collaborated with Aimtraction to create a fully functional ERP system for car dealerships. This system included a range of features such as booking drivers, cars, car repair appointment system, internal chat, and a mobile app. ShyftAuto incorporated the necessary hardware into a new company called Baylay to ensure that the ERP system was operational. Aimtraction’s contribution was primarily focused on software development, including backend and front-end development.

The team responsible for the project was composed of the founder of Aimtraction as the first developer, followed by a team of four developers, each solely dedicated to a specific project. This approach was effective for ShyftAuto as knowledge was retained within Aimtraction, and developers worked together to create similar architecture and code, resulting in a cooperative distributed development approach within the sub-projects of the ERP system.

Our Process:

Timeline:   April 2017 – now

1 mobile developer
6 front-end developers
1 back-end engineer 

                                                                                                 Technologies we used






             React native

Tools (hosting, monitoring etc)


               Docker Swarm









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